Yamaju Koi Farm

Owner: Mr. Shigeyuki Hoshino
Specialities: Asagi, Shusui, Kumonryu, Ochibashigure

Mr. Shigeyuki Hoshino is the creator of Yuki Asagi. Decades ago when he realized how tough the competition was for Gosanke breeding, he decided to swing his farm's future into breeding unique varieties.

Yuki Asagi is one of them. Karasu is another. He is currently breaking the mold with a new variety of dark Kujyaku.

Niigata has breeders just like Mr. Hoshino who are pushing forward the potential of Koi. That is what makes Niigata interesting. Breeders like Mr. Hoshino make Koi even more beautiful.

We have koi available to buy from Yamaju Koi Farm online if shown below the search field. If not, contact us with what you're looking for and we'll help find the right koi.

Interview with Yamaju Koi Farm

Hello, we are Yamaju Koi Farm. We breed Kawarimono, not including Gosanke. We have all types of Kawarimono here, such as Shusui, Asagi, Kumonryu, Ochibashigure, and Karasugoi. Please buy my koi through Kodama Koi Farm. Thank you very much.


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