Type:Doitsu Tancho Sanke
ID: 127452
Current Price: $190
Buy It Now: $420
Top Bidder: itzleon5 
Number of Unique Bids:
Bid Expire Date: 2017-12-09 18:24:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Female
Born in: 2016
Size: 31.00 cm
(12.2 in)
Estimated Value: $600
Shinoda Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

Here we offer you this Very Precious Variety Doitsu Tancho Sanke. The exhibition of this Koi should arouse your interest!

The Doitsu version of Tancho Sanke is extlemely rare & precious. Not only is Doitsu Tancho Sanke a popular variety for most Koi lovers, but there is only a small amount being produced, which together make it very valuable variety.has a tasteful and original beauty.

The crimson red Hi on its face is quite a beautiful size and form at the ideal position of its face.

We are looking forward to the time when Sumi appear and mature on it. You can see several grayish Sita Zumi (Sumi beneath) under its smooth white skin. They are under the white skin of its belly & the trunk.

The partly matured Sumi is glistening black with Ushizo quality. Those Sumi will mature even further, and should increase our viewing pleasure.

Smooth Doitsu skin will enhance Hi and Sumi especially beautifully.

The modest & clean beauty is the great charm of Tancho Sanke. You WIN this rare variety and please bring it up a plump body. Everyone will be fascinated by its modest & refreshing charm.
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