Beni Kumonryu Special Auction

Auction Times

Auction Starts: 2024-02-21 5:00 pm

Auction Ends: 2024-02-25 3:00 pm

*Note Start and End Times are Hawaii Standard Time.

Beni Kumonryu (紅九紋竜) History

The word Kumonryu from Beni Kumonryu is a dragon with nine patterns and Beni means red.


Beni Kumonryu came from Kumonryu and Doitsu Kohaku. Since Doitsu varieties have no scales, their colors can be very bright and bold. This popular koi variety is loved for its striking beauty.


The Hi (red) markings on the Beni Kumonryu are stable, however, the Sumi (black) are uniquely designed on the pure white body and can change drastically throughout their lives.


In the winter time you may notice your Beni Kumonryu have much more Sumi, and in the warmer months will have much more white and red markings.

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