Dainichi Showa Special Auction

Dainichi Showa Special Auction

Auction starts: 2023-02-21 4:00 pm

Auction ends: 2023-02-25 3:00 pm

Dainichi Award Winning Showa

Dainichi Koi Farm is world renown and recognized as the founders of Japanese nishikigoi.


The 38th All Japan Young Koi Show was held on March 26th, and March 27th 2022 and Dainichi Koi Farm won the KOKUGYO Award with this Showa to the left.


This is one of the most recent koi show winners.


Dainichi Koi Farm has produced many famous show winners, including grand champions at the All Japan Nishikigoi Show, the biggest show in the world.


Their koi excellence speaks for itself.


If you want to have a champion bloodline Showa in your pond, Bid on the Showa below.


You will not be disappointed!

Dainichi Koi Farm!

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