Giant Jumbo Koi Special Auction

High Quality Giant Jumbo Koi Auction Schedule:


Auction Starts: May 18th, 2024 5:00 pm HST

Auction Ends: May 25th, 2024 3:00 pm HST

How Large is a Jumbo Koi

Jumbo koi are any koi over 24" or have potential to grow jumbo. 38" is the largest known koi size, but it is possible more koi will grow bigger in the future. Your koi will grow bigger if you use quality food, that has a higher feed efficiency, but may not always turn into a jumbo koi. Feed efficiency is a measurement to determine what percentage of food weight is turned into fish weight. You are what you eat from your head down to your…dorsal fin?

When raising nishikigoi, choosing ingredients carefully is a must. Just because koi enjoy the taste of a food doesn't mean its good for creating jumbo koi! Like human junk food, additives can make a feed tasty, covering up its lack of nutrients with enthusiasm during feeding. Let’s help you get it all: vibrant, healthy champion koi, who are active and fun for you and your family to spend time with.

The reason why Koi is called the king of ornamental fish is because of the growth. Some Koi can grow over 1 meter or 40 inches. As Koi grows jumbo, the pattern, the color, the body change. Koi transforms to the very living jewels. Owning jumbo Koi and/or watching the growing process to the jumbo Koi are the real thrill and nothing but pleasure.

If you are looking to add a Jumbo Koi to your pond this is the auction for you! Happy Bidding!


Auction Rules:


  • Just like Japan's breeder Auction, we use "Bid Extension" feature for this special auction.

"What Is Bid Extension?"


Unlike our other auctions at Kodama, this auction will extend the end time when there is a bid within the last 5 minutes. So if a hobbyist bids on a koi within the last 5 minutes of the auctions original close time the closing time will automatically extend by 5 min for that koi.

If there are any problems or concerns, please let customer service know by emailing them at

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