Goshiki Special Auction

Auction: February 15th 4:00pm HST Through February 19th 3:00pm HST

History Of Goshiki 

Goshiki was created in 1918 by breeding Asagi with Kohaku koi. translation of Goshiki is "five colors" and this koi truly shows a rainbow of colors. The black, blue, and grey colors appear in a reticulation, or a netted pattern, across the white and red and Kohaku like body. Unlike the Kohaku, you will find a very bright and bold Hi plate on this koi.

How To Judge Goshiki 

In this variety, beautiful Asagi-like color is a requirement. It is important that each scale has clear Ai color, and that the Hi color should be true red. Because the thickness of the Hi is very important to this koi, we need to consider how to enhance the color when keeping this variety. There are two requirements for this. First, make the water similar to the breeders mud ponds as possible. The other is to feed your Goshiki well balanced and nutritious food that contains an adequate amount of carotene.

The definition of a prize winning Goshiki has changed in the last 15-20 years. You want to look for a clean pattern of the blue and grey netting across the fish, with no large black spots. A bright Hi pattern on a bright white body is a beautiful example of Goshiki koi.

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