High Quality Free Boarding Auction

Don't Miss Out On This Special Auction, Free Boarding Available For High Quality Auction Koi Below Until End Of April! 

Auction Schedule:


Auction Starts: 2024-03-26 4:00 pm HST

Auction Ends: 2024-03-30 3:00 pm HST


Auction Rules:

  • Koi have to be shipped before May 10th, 2024
  • If your koi are not shipped by May 10th, 2024 you will need to pay the $50/month boarding fee
  • Koi must be paid for at the time of auction end
  • If koi dies while boarding we can guarantee 90% store credit to you
  • Just like Japan's breeder Auction, we use "Bid Extension" feature for this special auction.

"What Is Bid Extension?"


Unlike our other auctions at Kodama, this auction will extend the end time when there is a bid within the last 5 minutes. So if a hobbyist bids on a koi within the last 5 minutes of the auctions original close time the closing time will automatically extend by 5 min for that koi.

If there are any problems or concerns, please let customer service know by emailing them at info@kodamakoifarm.com.

Featured Koi!

*Koi in this promo have the option to be boarded till the end of April,
but you do not have to, you may also ship your koi immediately if you would like to*

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