Hosokai Special Auction


Auction Starts: 2024-04-17 5:00 pm

Auction Ends: 2024-04-21 3:00 pm

*Note Start and End Times are Hawaii Standard Time.

Hosokai Koi Farm

Masaru Hosokai is the second generation of Hosokai Koi Farm. His father, Shoichi, started the farm decades ago in 1971. The farm has the reputation of quality Asagi from his father's time. The quality of the scalation is very beautiful.

Specialty: Asagi, Goshiki, Shusui, Goshikishigure, and more

Tips on Purchasing from Hosokai Koi Farm:
1. When buying 2-to-3 year olds, the hi is not very red yet. It does not seem to be beautiful in a look. Some may have sumi on its hi and look a bit dirty. But please do not be disturbed as long as the hi pattern is good.
2. Because Hosokai Goshiki is the Kuro Goshiki line, the entire body tends to get dark. And the hi is finished to the contrary of the black. This is the character of his koi. Make sure to feed color-enhancing food such as Champion.
3. His koi turns out beautiful when it becomes more than 5 years old. Please keep that in mind. In other words, his koi will be show quality when it is big rather than when it was small and young.

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