Young Koi Show Special Auction

Auction Starts Thursday, August 3rd and Ends Monday, August 7th

Date: 08/03 4:00 pm - 08/07 3:00 pm

*Note Start and End Times are Hawaii Standard Time.

Win a Koi at our Auction and that Koi will be automatically entered into the Young Koi Show for FREE! If you would like to enter any other young koi it will be just $5 per koi you want to enter. 

You have a chance to win some great prizes and the major winners will be published in Rinko Magazine!!

3rd Annual Kodama Virtual Young Koi Show! - Registration Closes August 7th!

                                   Award Ceremony Zoom Seminar Will Be Held on August 11th at 2pm HST!

The goal of this koi show is to educate & promote the joys of koi keeping as a hobby.

We hope to encourage your interest in learning great husbandry for keeping Japanese koi and to support efforts to create more koi masters.

Meet Our Prestigious Koi Show Judges!

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa

Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa from Kanno Koi Farm

In the early 1970's, Kanno Koi Farm was founded by Hiroshi Hirasawa.
Him and his son, Kazuhiro, now work together to produce high quality Goshiki.
They also produce Sanke.
Their Goshiki has become very well known due to its high quality and winning awards around the world.

Mr. Masanori Shinoda from Shinoda Koi Farm


Shinoda Koi Farm was founded in Oguriyama, Ojiya-city, Niigata in 1952.

Shinoda Koi Farm breeds Ginrin Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Showa and Hi Utsuri mainly.

His Ginrin Showa won the Grand Champion at All Niigata Koi Show (Nogyosai) in 2000.

His Grand Champion Ginrin Showa now acts as a parent to preserve and improve the quality bloodline.

He is a very famous breeder even abroad.

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