Hariwake has a shimmery white, metallic Platinum background with vibrant patterns of orange or yellow. This is one of the most common koi you will see for sale in stores since it is easy to breed. While Hariwake may look very similar to the Kohaku, the Kohaku have a bright white base instead of this shiimmery, diamond like koi base.

The ideal pattern of Hariwake is similar to the Kohaku. There should be no dark blemishes and the bright colors should not come too close to the eyes of the koi. The vibrant patterns of orange or yellow should be spaced evenly throughout the body and do not need to be symmetrical.

When a Hariwake is scaleless with a red or orange pattern it is called a Kikusui. When it is yellow, it is called a Doitsu Lemon Hariwake.

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