Black Friday High Quality Fixed Price Koi

Black Friday High Quality Fixed-Price Sale!

First Come, First Serve! Hurry Before They Are All Sold!

Take advantage of this year's Black Friday Sale! This is your chance to purchase a beautiful koi from japan for 30% off the normal price that you would pay! This event only happens once a year so act quick or you'll have to wait till next year.

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Additional Details and Terms

Normal shipping rates apply. Shipping fees are paid for separately when finalizing the shipping date with customer service.

The koi in this promo:

  • will be ready to ship to your home in immediately (unless noted otherwise in the product listing). Normal shipping rates apply
  • when checking out please choose an available shipping date. We will not be shipping koi on the following dates: November 21st - 24th, December 18th - 25th, and December 29th - January 3rd.
  • are unable to be shipped to Canada at this time
  • will have fixed prices, but a few may have "Call for pricing"
  • will show lengths approximated

Koi Boarding

If you are unable to receive your koi during the winter season, we can offer boarding for $50/koi per month depending on space availability (fees are nonrefundable. (Click here for more terms).

Please contact customer service at to check availability

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