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January 13, 2018

To our valuable customers,

I hope your new year is starting well.

I am sure many of you are anxious of our status at the farm. So, here is the short updates.

We are more than halfway done in checking and sanitizing the farm.

Although the problem started from one pond in the quarantine area, so far, we depopulated and sanitized at least 13 ponds. We sacrificed almost 3000 Koi. They are all 2 to 3 years old. These ponds were not necessarily all confirmed with KHV, but we proactively did what need to be done.

We are hoping that we can complete the process in the next week or so. Then, we can re-open in February.

We received a lot of supports and positive comments from our customers. During this hard time, these mean a lot to us. It is no exaggeration that these encouragements are what get us going. On behalf of all the employees at Kodama Koi Farm, I thank you all for your continued supports.

Hopefully, in the next update, I can announce that the entire process is complete.

Sincerely in KOI,

Taro Kodama
Kodama Koi Farm

January 8, 2018

To all our valued customers,

Happy New Year!!

I am very sorry, but we are starting the new year with some sad news.

Unfortunately on December 28, 2017, we confirmed that one of our shipments from Japan came with the virus called KHV. They were all in one pond.

We had to terminate koi in that one pond on our farm due to KHV.

We are currently working with the assistance of our vets—Dr. Chang and Dr. Girey—and state and federal vets. We are in the process of testing all the other ponds (80 ponds in total) and making sure our facility is clean.

We have contacted all the customers who received koi during December, who may have even the slightest chance of contamination.

We are in the process of contacting all customers who still have koi at our facility and are waiting to receive their shipments. We ask you kindly to wait until everything has been cleared.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 808-354-7031 or 808-354-7032.

Once again, I am very sorry; but until we are confident that everything is clear, as a precaution I have decided to postpone any auctions and koi shipments. It is a very difficult decision for our business, but I believe nothing is more important than the safety and health of our customers’ koi.

I appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter and your continued support.

Sincerely in KOI,
Taro Kodama
President of Kodama Koi Farm


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