Type:Shiro Utsuri
ID: 128600
Current Price: $310
Buy It Now: $700
Top Bidder: Isaman58 
Number of Unique Bids:
Bid Expire Date: 2018-02-10 18:07:00
Time Left: closed
Sex: Female
Born in: 2016
Size: 43.00 cm
(16.9 in)
Estimated Value: $1,000
Omosako Koi Farm

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Certificate of breeding available on request for $15.

This Young Koi will be a Bright and Refreshing Shiro Utsuri Each Passing Day!

One of the characteristics of Omosako's Shiro Utsuri, is its Sumi that you can predict will always appear. Omosako's Shiro Utsuri will have this shita-zumi appearing clearly and will be evident as it grows. Also, it will not only grow large in size, but it will have a beautiful body conformation as well.

This Koi has such a pretty design on the trunk. There are several Shita Zumi welling up from the under trunk...each one will emerge and make a stylish checkered design from now on.
Also, they have been progressive situation.

Please look at the Sashi zumi, the leading edge of Sumi across the left shoulder. The beautiful gray area is just a fine blend of black and white. You can find a similar Sashi on the other Sumi pattern as well.

There are much white skin whole the body, it makes this Koi so bright impression. This is the fine asset of this Koi. Its pinkish white skin on its face(because this is a baby age) will turn into genuine with its substantial growth.

Under the proper conditions (low water temperature and the clean water), you can have confidence that those undeveloped Sumi will complete to the same full-bodied black richness of the tip of the mouth. As it matures, this Koi will become more sophisticated and polished looking.

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