Winter Flash Sale

Huge 48 Hour Sale - Hand Selected Koi From Taro – Get Up To 40% Off!

It's the holiday season and what better gift is there to give a koi hobbyist than a koi itself! Take advantage of our holiday high quality fixed-price sale and get them (or yourself) a beautiful koi. Don't wait, these koi will sell quickly!

High Quality Koi From Top Breeders

Koshiji Koi Farm

Hirashin Koi Farm

Photo of Mr. Yoshikazu Otsuka

Otsuka Koi Farm

Marusaka Koi Farm

Hoshikin Koi Farm

Iwashita Koi Farm

Sakazume Koi Farm

Flash Sale Starts Saturday, December 24th At 5am HST And Ends Sunday

Sale only lasts until 5:00am HST on Monday, December 26th. So make sure you purchase your koi right away to get this great offer before all the koi are sold!

Free Boarding Until 4/15 Included

If you don't live in a warm part of the country nor have a temperature controlled quarantine tank to keep the new Koi until Spring. We would like to offer our Koi Farm here in Oahu for free. 

Boarding can not be combined with any other auction koi or other fixed price koi. This promotion is only offered with our Flash Sale Koi. Look for the small banner on the koi product page to make sure that koi goes with the free boarding promotion till spring. 

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