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Shipping Information


All koi shipments need at least 2 days (48 hour) notice prior to shipping in order to stop the feeding and prepare your koi for a safe journey.

Kodama Koi Farm has been shipping koi for many years and have learned what works best for a safe delivery of your koi. The shipping formula is not absolute. However, when packing koi, Kodama Koi Farm takes into consideration the condition of the koi, water temperature, delivery time, and so on. Kodama Koi Farm reserves the right to determine how many koi can be shipped in a box.

Our 24 hour koi health guarantee is based on our farm's packing recommendation for your shipment. Any reqeust to alter the shipping/packing recommendation requires a waiver of the 24 hour koi health guarantee to be sent to Kodama Koi Farm via E-mail.

If you have any questions about shipping, contact us at (808) 354-7031 or info@kodamakoifarm.com.


Box Size
Up to three (3) koi 16 inches or less
Up to four (4) koi 16 inches or less
Any koi that is over 18.6 inches is shipped by itself in one large box.




  • $105.00 per Medium box
  • $125.00 per Large box
  • Additional $20.00 per box for Saturday delivery

UPS ships directly to your door. Your shipment is delivered from Hawaii via UPS Next Day Air. In most cities and locations, UPS delivery usually arrives by 12:30pm. Delivery time for some rural areas may be different. Please check the estimate arrival time with UPS (1-800-PickUPS).

You will also receive your tracking number via email from UPS directly on the day your koi ships.


We now offer insurance on UPS shipments. UPS will give a full refund for the price of the koi and shipping cost if the shipment is delayed due to mechanical failure, sorting error, and so on. However, delays due to adverse weather conditions are not covered. If you do not purchase insurance, neither Kodama Koi Farm nor UPS will be held liable for delays in shipment or damages to koi.


For koi worth $500 or less, the UPS insurance fee is $50. For koi over $500, the fee is 10% of the koi's value. Example: A $200 koi can be insured for $50, and a $2000 koi can be insured for $200.

Note: we are charging these higher insurance fees because we have to adjust for increased UPS insurance rates.


There is an additional fee of $20.00 per box for Saturday deliveries. The Saturday delivery option is not available in all areas.

there is some risk when opting for Saturday UPS delivery. Shipping delays are rare, however it does happen from time to time. A shipping delay may result in your koi not arriving until Monday. Because of this possibility, we highly recommend that you purchase UPS insurance for these deliveries. See UPS Shipping Fees above. The insurance will cover the cost of the shipping as well as your cost for the koi if the delay is a result of a UPS sorting error or mechanical failure. Delays due to unfavorable weather and other acts of nature are not covered.


FedEx Interisland shipments are made on Thursdays only.

  • Next day delivery to your door.
  • $35.00 per box regardless of size
  • Upon request, you may pick up your koi at your nearest Fedex station.


Air Cargo shipments are made on Thursdays only.

Box Fees

  • $15.00 for one box regardless of box size
  • $10.00 each for two or more boxes regardless of box size

Shipments by Air Cargo are sent Freight Collect. You will need to pay the shipping cost charged by the airline when you receive the koi at the airport.

All Hawaiian Airlines Air Cargo shipments will be sent pre-paid on Kodama Koi Farm’s account. We will charge your credit card once we receive the charges.

We use the following air cargo services:

  • Delta Airlines – Next day arrival to all US Mainland destinations
  • Hawaiian Airlines – Same day delivery to California (Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco), Oregon (Portland), Washington (Seattle), Nevada (Las Vegas), Arizona (Phoenix).
  • Air Canada – Next day arrival to all Canada Locations

Two-day advanced notice is necessary and our holding policy will be applied to this service.

Our holding policy requires customers to pick up their koi shipment within 2 hours after the plane has landed.

Air Cargo (Air Canada)

You can choose to have your Koi shipped from Honolulu to the nearest international airport in your area.
You will just have to pay a box fee ($15 for one box, $10 each for two or more boxes).
The rest of the shipping fees are to be paid to the airlines upon pick-up of your Koi.
During the summer, there are no flights on Thursday.
An additional fee of $25 will be applied.

Liability notice for Delta Air Cargo:

If you choose Delta Air Cargo for your koi shipments, please note that Kodama Koi Farm will no longer be liable for shipping problems through that method due to AVI/AVA shipments not being guaranteed and also because Delta does NOT offer shipping insurance.

If you still prefer Delta Air Cargo, please send us an email verifying that you take full responsibility for the koi shipment and will not hold Kodama Koi Farm liable for any shipping problems or koi's health.

Explanation: Live animal shipments (AVI or AVA) have the lowest priority in shipping; so if a koi needs to be guaranteed to arrive within 24 hours, Delta Dash would be the appropriate shipping status; however the cost of the shipment goes up substantially.

Note: For Delta Dash shipments, we will charge an estimated shipping cost prior to shipping.

To save on shipping costs via Delta Dash and get extra insurance protection, we recommend shipping via UPS and using UPS Insurance; and the vast majority of our customers use UPS.


Do I have to be there when Koi is delivered?  

Yes, it is important to open the box and release the koi as soon as possible because they will be stressed and exhausted from their trip.

Can I pick up the Koi at the closest UPS station or FedEx station?

Yes. It may be beneficial for you to pick up your Koi as soon as the UPS or FedEx station opens. Simply select the nearest station, and send us an email with the station's address.

Can you hold my Koi while I bid on some more Koi?

Yes, we can. We understand it is important that you combine your winnings to save on the shipping cost. Therefore, we can hold your Koi for 14 days with a koi health guarantee. During this period, please bid and find companions for your shipment.

If you would like us to hold your Koi, please:

  1. Contact our office by email or phone and let us know of your intentions,
  2. Provide us with your credit card number to confirm your winnings. We will not charge you until the 14th day or if you pay by C.O.D.

The 14 days will be counted from the day after the auction ends.  For example, if an auction closes on Wednesday, Thursday is the first day of the 14 day holding period.

What is your koi health guarantee?

  1. We guarantee the health of your koi during our 14 day holding period.
  2. We will guarantee the life of koi for 48 hours from the packing time, providing that koi is shipped out within the 14-day holding period.

Shipping problems rarely occur, but they do happen. If you experience a problem with your delivery, please contact us as soon as possible by phone or email.

Shipping charges are not refundable.

In the following cases, our guarantee does not apply:

  1. When Koi is shipped out after our 14 day holding period.
  2. When Koi dies or is damaged in customers pond due to the uncontrollable accidents such as jumping out of the pond, electric shortage etc.
  3. When Koi was not quarantined in a separate tank in a proper and reasonable manner before Koi are introduced to new pond.

What is your return policy?

If anything should happen to your Koi within the 14-day holding period i.e.: illness and/or death NO replacements will be given. We will issue a store credit towards your next purchase. Store credit must be used within 6 months from the date of issue.

Do you ship Koi to Canada?

Canadian ApprovedYES WE SHIP TO CANADA
Kodama Koi Farm meets Canadian import regulations. By going through a rigorous approval procedure, we are able to have koi delivered to Canada. However, there are additional costs that you need to know about. Please read this section thoroughly. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

NOTE: Shipping arrangements including full payment must be finalized 2 weeks prior to the actual shipping date. Once shipping arrangements are finalized, no more koi can be added to the shipment. All certified documents are finalized on Monday prior to shipping on Thursday. Certified documents are valid for ONLY 96 hours from its issue date/time. Any shipment postponement will incur a fee to acquire a new health certificate.

Two Canada shipping options:

  1. Air Cargo (Air Canada)
    You can choose to have your Koi shipped from Honolulu to the nearest international airport in your area. You will just have to pay a box fee ($15 for one box, $10 each for two or more boxes). The rest of the shipping fees are to be paid to the airlines upon pick-up of your Koi.
  2. UPS to Canada
    You will need to fax/email a copy of your import license. A copy of your import license needs to be shipped with your Koi for customs reasons.

Auction / Wholesale

Also, we will not be shipping out any supplies until we find out the regulations for those items.


Please refer to the links below for more information.

Follow this link for the restricted species list that require permits. Note that Cyprinus Carpio "Koi Carp" is included on the list:
CFIA Susceptible Species of Aquatic Animals

Follow this link to read about and apply for an import permit for koi:
CFIA Aquatic Animal Imports

See bottom of page for permit application for BRITISH COLUMBIA...ALL IMPORTS NEED PERMIT "license application Form B) law has been in effect for 14 years:
British Columbia Application for License

We can deliver overnight to most areas. Please confirm that your address can receive delivery prior to making your shipping arrangements.


*Please note that the prices for Canada UPS shipments differ from the regular box prices for US Mainland shipments. The cost of a medium box is $125 and the large box is $145.

Kodama Koi Farm is required to charge a $10 Bond Fee and a $16 OGD Processing Fee on all koi shipments.

Each shipment must be accompanied by an import permit issued from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and a health certificate issued by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Kodama Koi Farm will obtain the required health certificate from APHIS before exporting to Canada, and Handling fee including the certificate is $200.00 for each shipment.

USDA Requirements to Export to Canada

Sample Health Certificate
(http://www.aphis.usda.gov/regulations/vs/iregs/animals/downloads/ca_aqua_comm_hc.pdf )


Koi total
13% Duties and Taxes
Shipping fee, including a medium box
  (Large box = $145)
Bond Fee
Handling fee to obtain a health certificate from APHIS

Total Charge

Wholesalers will be charged 5% taxes and duty. Hobbyists will be charged 5% taxes plus additional Provincial tax depending on the Province. Tax rates vary. Please contact our customer service.

Shipments to Canada leave Hawaii on Thursday. Koi shipped to Canada on Thursday require a 5 day notice. Due to the amount of time it takes to prepare and have the koi inpected, koi purchased over a weekend will not be ready to ship on the Thursday of the same week.

Do you ship Koi to Mexico?

There are 2 ways to ship Koi to Mexico. One way is to cross the border to pick up your Koi at the closest UPS or FedEx station inside the US. The other way is to use Air Cargo services.Please contact our office for more intormation.

Do you ship Koi to any other countries?

It depends, as each country requires various documents, one being a health certificate. Please find out from your appropriate government agency what documents are necessary for you to complete in order to import Koi into your country.

I live in Hawaii. Can I pick up my Koi at your place instead of them being shipped?

Yes, it is possible. All pickups must be arranged in advance. Please contact us by email info@kodamakoifarm.com or call 808-354-7031/808-354-7032.

Kodama Koi Farm
c/o Mililani Agricultural Park
94-840 Lanikuhana Ave.
Mililani HI 96789

Can you ship supplies with Koi?

There is no problem as long as it fits inside the box and it does not affect your Koi during the transportation. We have a good selection of Koi products in the Supply section of our website. Please take a moment to visit our Supplies page.

Also, please look at your shopping cart. If there is space in your box, you will find the link that shows what additional items can fit in the box.

Can I return Koi?

No, all koi sales are final. Keeping our koi and facility as clean as possible is critical to assure delivery of clean and healthy koi to our customers. Therefore, once the Koi leaves our farm and has experienced other waters, we do not allow any koi to come back for any reason. Avoiding cross contamination is the best practice.

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*If you have further questions, please contact us by filling out the contact form.